Staying in our homes doing what we need to do to help stop the spreading of the Covid 19 can get a little boring, necessary, but boring… there is only so much laundry, washing dishes, cleaning rooms that I can handle before I start going stir crazy. So, I decided to build, we decided to build. Lego building and connects playing came in handy this past week. I present to you our homemade playpen. Fancy isn’t it?! It’s a 7’8” x 5’ secure area where my little one can roam and play while watching his big sister without getting into her things and giving me some peace to cook and clean. Ya’ll, It’s the best thing we’ve built in a while. Bonus, I don’t have to clean up the toys later. Woot, woot!!

Making this play pen cost us $35. How? We already had a good bit of the supplies we needed since we made one like it 4.5 years ago when my oldest was little. All we needed was some extra zip ties and the plastic poultry fence which was the biggest expense. We happened to keep almost all the pvc pieces; you never know when you want to make something crafty out of those pipes! But if I were to price out the total cost, I could bet it would be way cheaper than a large play pen.

If you are interested in making one like it, I will do my best to explain on how we created this fun little area for MV.

For this 7’8” x 5’ play pen we used-

  • 11- 35” PVC pipe
  • 16- 25.5” PVC pipe
  • 6-2.5” PVC pipe
  • 4- 11” PVC pipe
  • 2- 10.5” PVC pipe
  • 2- 24” PVC pipe
  • 10- elbow sockets
  • 26- T sockets
  • Bag of 8” zip ties (You will use a good bit of these. I wanted to make sure little man couldn’t pull the fence away so I used A LOT of them)
  • 7- Dollar Store Pool noodles
  • 25’ Plastic Poultry Fence

Yeah, it’s a good bit of PVC pipe. All the pipes used were ¾” round. They are currently $1.63 per 10ft pipe at out local Home Depot. Not bad!

Step one: Measure out your space. I wanted something that would fit in the middle of the current playroom. This gave EV her space to play while allowing MV to watch from a safe distance without getting ahold of other things. He’s only 10 mnth but toy fighting has already begun. 7’8” x 5’ was all we needed.

Step two: This is where playing with Legos and connects comes in handy. Layout all your pieces along with elbows and t sockets in the desired area. Begin connecting your pieces.

Step three: Once you have your pvc frame, sides and rim in place begin wrapping the sides with the plastic poultry fence. Use your zip ties in several different locations to hold the plastic in place. *You will go back later to add more once this part is done.

Step four: Once you have secured the plastic fence with your zip ties all to your liking make sure NOT to cut the ends off. If you do it would leave a sharp edge and cut any passerby. Trust me it hurts…and no Bueno for babies. But make sure any ends of the zip ties are placed in the exterior of the fence so little hands can’t get ahold of it.

Step five: Place your pool noodles into place. This helps keep the top part of the fence from flapping over and allows some cushion for you to have if you need to bend over the top rail for any reason. *Be sure to cut a slit in your noodle. It won’t work if you don’t…just say’n.

And voila!! You are done!! If I skipped a step or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me. I will do my best to correct or give further explanation.

Have fun building, stay safe, stay home, and stay sane.